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Microsoft word  IntroductionMicrosoft Word Boot Screen

www.office.com/setup, office 365, In this article we aim to tell you the ways to make the most effective use of the number of the features available in MS Word so that you can save your time by utilizing those features. The Microsoft Office hints and tips will give you the description of how to start an office program and how to Open files in them, how to customize the Ribbon and fast Access Toolbar, running the shortcut commands from the keyboard, how to use AutoText, and fast ways to pick text.

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Starting MS Word and Customizing the Interface

Open the Start menu, select All Programs then choose Microsoft Office 2013 then click on Word 2013 after that Microsoft Office Word 2013 would start.

By default, a blank document will be opened with the Home tab selected in Ribbon, the Ribbon organizes different options under categorized tabs like most used features are available under the Home tab, the Layout tab contains options for customizing and modifying layout of document or paragraphs.

To show the Ruler select the VIEW tab then click on the Ruler button.microsoft word ruler option

The Ruler is a very effective feature as it shows the tab settings and paragraph indents. If the text in a document isn’t lining up properly, it can help in changing the settings to make them lineup or indent properly and is a useful indicator of possible problems.


Split view is a useful feature on the VIEW tab. This option is very handy in splitting the screen into two so that you can view non-adjacent pieces of text. This can be used to move/copy text from one place to another

On the VIEW tab, Click on the Split button, your screen will get divided into two equal part but you can drag the split up/down the screen as your requirementmicrosoft word split view option

To adjust the display in up and down position use Scroll Bars, Arrow keys or Page Up/Page Down keys

To remove the split, click on Remove Split in view tab or drag the line which splits the view to the top or to the bottom of the screen.microsoft word remove split view option

The Status Bar just above the Start button shows some useful settings, which you can customize like in the leftmost on the status bar you will see the current page number on which you are working out of the total pages in the document, next to it you will see the number of words in the document and clicking on it you will see a popup which shows the detailed information of statistics. www.office.com/setup, office 365,


www.office.com/setup  | Shortcut Key

The common keyboard shortcut commands for Word-specific ones are as:

Ctrl+1 – For Single spacing

Ctrl+2 – For Double spacing

Ctrl+5 – For One-and-a-half spacing

Ctrl+0 –  To add or remove a space before paragraph

Ctrl+Enter – To Insert a page break

Ctrl+L – To Align text left

Ctrl+R – To Align text right

Ctrl+E – To Center text

Ctrl+J – To Justify

Ctrl+M – To Indent the paragraph

Ctrl+T – Create hanging indent

Ctrl+= – To make selected text Subscript

Ctrl+Shift+= To make selected text Superscript

Ctrl+Shift+> – To make superscript text larger

Ctrl+Spacebar – Remove formatting

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