[MOSS] What is Microsoft sharepoint server? brief introduction

[MOSS] what is microsoft sharepoint. ? and its feature

[MOSS] what is microsoft sharepoint. ? and its  feature

Microsoft SharePoint 2016: The New intelligent Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is used to organize documents, build intranet sites and manage content. Microsoft is release SharePoint and introducing iOS, Android SharePoint Apps.Microsoft offering  providing to access SharePoint Online Document in One Drive Mobile apps.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is a first release from Microsoft that forms on the success of its cloud based office 365 offering and extending that power into on-premises dedicated SharePoint farms. For those customers, who already use a dedicated on-premises SharePoint server, there is no reason to wait to upgrade to SharePoint 2016. Today, some new features are available, with the release of SharePoint 2016. It is the first version of SharePoint to be created by Microsoft with a “Cloud first” means it share a common codebase with Office 365 SharePoint Online Product.

what is microsoft-sharepoint

what is microsoft-sharepoint

Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Access Services and client or server

Support apps for Office:  Through this app for office, you can integrate data from outside services in your access app, such as reading stock prices. And you can display the data in the access app

 visually, such as on a map, or in a chart.

Access App Upgrade:  After creating an access web app, you can save the app as a package and

make design changes to a separate copy of the web app. You can also save a new version of your app

 and then upgrade the “Production version”. But you can access this web app upgrades only for web apps that are available on office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint online sites.

[MOSS] what is microsoft sharepoint. ? and its feature

[MOSS] what is microsoft sharepoint. ? and its feature

Fast Site Collection Creation:

This feature provides templates that work at same level as SQL server which reduces the round trips between the SharePoint and SQL servers.

SharePoint Mobile App:

In the success of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft has virtually owned the idea of corporate intranet

portals. Intranet is the epicenter of many organizations. SharePoint online will have updated

pages that allow business to create internal new and announcements, and even intranet web

pages easily , where

employees can get company information, and search for people.

To add these modern enhancements to your mobile device, Microsoft release a new mobile app

called “SharePoint Mobile App”. This app will work with both the new user interface in

SharePoint online but also the on premises SharePoint 2016 server and even MS SharePoint 2013.

This app enables you to stay connected to important content, portals, site and people from your

intranet while you’re on the go. This app is filled with intelligence from the office graph to help

you to navigate quickly to people that matter to you.This Mobile app comes first to iOS. The sites tab on

 this app takes you to your sites, and followed sites, where you can keep up with site activity or see

 currently files. The people tab gives you to access to the people you work with and visibility into

 what they are working on. Search is available through with best results filtered by files, sites and people.

Open Document Format (ODF): 

SharePoint Server 2016 adds support for Open Document Format (ODF) files to use in document

library templates.

New controls for working with OneDrive for Business:

MS SharePoint Server 2016 provides controls at the top of your personal document folders that

make common tasks in OneDrive for Business more accessible.

Benefits of the Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Upgrading Microsoft SharePoint 2016, some benefits are listed below:

Database Scalability: Microsoft SharePoint 2016 allow for easy scaling without sacrificing any

 performance.  This updated SharePoint allowing you to store and manages more data on your


Easily Patching: With the release of SharePoint 2016, it provides to customers with the ability to

apply patches without downtime, which allows organization to keep their systems current even if they


afford to take them offline.

Durable Links: In Microsoft SharePoint 2016, the broke links are automatically updated to point

to a file’s new location, and reducing the amount of time users waste in dealing with broken links and

searching for the content they need.

File Names

Customers of SharePoint have often struggled to understand why file names are very long and

don’t allow special characters. SharePoint 2016 uses an improved naming system, which makes file

names much simpler for users to understand.

If you updating and expanding your intranet, we know that SharePoint will be an important part to

support you into the future.


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What is Microsoft sharepoint server? brief introduction
brief introduction of what is microsoft sharepoint. find some basic feature of ms share point server.microsoft SharePoint 2016 is used to organize documents, build intranet sites and manage content. Microsoft is release SharePoint and introducing iOS, Android SharePoint Apps. Microsoft providing to access SharePoint Online Document in One Drive Mobile apps.
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