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Despite the financial feasibility and ease of use with cloud applications, the recent security breaches have created a negative sentiment towards cloud technology. To counter the concern of security of the governments, Microsoft offers a product called Office 365 U.S. Government. These Office 365 applications are an effective solution to cost-security-productivity negotiations while considering a shift to cloud technology.

One of the most important concerns with those working on cloud technology is security. The global security breach in 2014 which led to the leaking of more than 1 billion records and the recent leak of Yahoo’s data serves as a deterrent to those considering shifting their IT to cloud. While other solutions do exist, enhancing the security leads to compromise with productivity. The bet with the Office 365 U.S Government applications is that they claim to retain both the security and productivity at a lower cost.

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Benefits of using Office 365 U.S Government

Here are some of the benefits which Office 365 U.S Government has to offer:

Customization: The best part about Office 365 U.S Government is that it doesn’t give administrators all rights by default. That could be a choice. Ideally, it is on the user to decide the level of access given to others on his/her devices and applications on the cloud.

Legalities: Office 365 U.S Government is in compliance with almost all necessary rules, regulations, and protocols. This keeps them bound to updating their security features every now and then to remain in compliance with the basic global security norms. This is the maximum any security product could give its users.

Elimination of the need for support: One concern with any IT user would be that his access should be protected from everyone. This would include the support personnel as well. But in the rarest of the rare cases that assistance from a Microsoft engineer might be needed, it would be with the consent of the user.

Mobility: As an added feature for the security of data on mobile devices, Office 365 U.S Government applications let the user wipe off his/her data on mobile devices remotely if the device gets lost or stolen.

Encryption: Other than the end-to-end encryption, Office 365 U.S Government allows users to create customized security policies like restricting mail and application access to company-managed devices, etc.

The claim about Office 365 U.S. Government is that they test flaws in their own product by challenging its security. They call it their ‘assumed breach‘ strategy.

Where to buy Office 365 U.S. Government from

Once you have made your mind for shifting to cloud technology, you could buy the product from the Office 365 U.S. Government product website. They offer a free trial as well. Just fill this form for the same to get the Microsoft Cloud for Government Office 365 U.S. Government Trial.

Office 365 U.S. Government pricing chart & features

Though the pricing has not been mentioned explicitly for federal and state level users, we could always inquire about the same when requesting for the trial.

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