Most Common Error Problems in Microsoft Office

unlicensed product

When you try to install Microsoft office and you face so many problems during the installation. Here, you can find the most common issue or error problems during the Microsoft office installation. The top most errors are listed below:

  • No Network Connection Issue in MS Office

  • certificate error

  • Product Activation Failed  Office 2013

  • Operating System Issue in Microsoft Office Installation

  • Invalid Product key Issue in Installation of MS Office

  • Get an Error 0x80070005 Message in Installation of MS Office

  • windows update error 0x80070005

  • 0x8007007b 

  • windows update error 0x80070005 

  • Microsoft Office No Network Connection Issue:

When you try to activate office programs over the Internet, you receive an error message.

connection error

Symptoms:  when you run the Activation wizard for the 2007 Microsoft office suites or for Microsoft office 2003. Then, you click I want to activate the software over the internet. When you do this, you may receive one of the error messages.

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Product Activation Failed Office 2013:

Office periodically checks to make sure that your office installation is licensed correctly. This process is called Activation. If activation is failed, then you can’t continue to use office with all features enabled.

unlicensed product

Symptoms: if activation fails, office eventually enters reduced functionality mode and displays in the title bar, and most buttons and features are disabled.

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Microsoft office Operating System Issue:

When you try to install Microsoft Office 2010, the installation does not finish, and you receive an error message. the operating system is not configured to run this application

operating system error

Symptoms: When you run to install Microsoft Office 2010, the installation doesn’t finish, and you receive the following error message:

To installation you must be running one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista sp1
  • Windows XP Sp3
  • Windows Vista Sp1
  • Windows Server 2008

Note: Office 2010 x64 does not support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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Invalid Product key Issue

When we activating Microsoft office for Mac 2011 and you receive the “Invalid product key” error message.

product key issue

Symptoms: When you activate office for Mac 2011 and your get a message of invalid product key, then you don’t subscribe office 365.

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Error 0x80070005

When you activating MS Office you find the office error code 0x80070005.

Error 0x80070005

Symptoms: When you get this error message 0x80070005, this appears and crashes the active program window. And Your PC frequently crashes with this error when running the same program.

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