Microsoft One Note Overview

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Microsoft one note is an application software for information gathering and multiple user’s collaboration. The application combines users’ notes whether they are handwritten or typed, the drawings and audio. The notes can also be shared to the other users of OneNote through Internet. You can get OneNote as a part of Windows 10 or Microsoft Office Setup. Apart from this you can also get for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone as a free standalone application and there is also a web-based version of OneNote given to customers as part of OneDrive or Office Online which enables users to edit notes through a web browser.

You can insert pictures or images, create tables, can share links or enter text through your keyboard in note. Unlike other applications however you don’t need to save your work, OneNote does it automatically. The file extension of OneNote is .one. Microsoft has changed or upgraded their OneNote’s file format two time since it first launch, OneNote 2007 & OneNote 2010 can open OneNote 2003 files in read-only format and then upgrade it to later formats While OneNote 2010 can read and write OneNote 2007 file format and can also convert back and forth between 2007 and 2010 file format.

If you make or take frequently notes, attend meetings multiple times during the week and di collaborations on projects then OneNote can help you in keeping the information neat and clean. All of your notes including words in pictures are searchable inside OneNote and all of them get stored to cloud if you are online so that you can immediately share and access them through other OneNote apps on any platform.

Many of peoples will suggest Evernote to be used as the go-to note-taking application. Well Evernote does many things, but it is best to use a digital file storage for saving web clips, screenshots, receipts, or other random objects you want, that can be searchable later.

On the other hand OneNote is better on some points as it’s a productivity aide which is having its focus on typing and hand-writing notes, audio recording and search tools, and smart integration with the rest of Office Setup Suite Applications.


OneNote is a powerfull and cross platform application having a deep potential, Microsoft can work on connecting all the pieces. The more peoples are now using phablets, tablets, and touch enabled laptops and OneNote can be their prime candidate for day to day task recording and managing application.

If Microsoft is truly want to make OneNote a productive cross platform application they needs  to make OneNote to feel same on every platform. That’s not a small task, but Microsoft’s has almost made it to there. Try it out!

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