How to fix the Error Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working

Microsoft has constantly attempted to upgrade installation of their products by implementing most recent technologies. In Previous years, we have utilized executable documents which were equipped capable of installing a product with a single click.  But, in office 2013/2016, Microsoft is using Bootstrapper technology.

Bootstrapper: A Bootstrapper is responsible for the introduction of an application built using the composite application library. Having a Bootstrapper gives you more control of how the composite Application library components are wired up to your application. You can explore more about Bootstrapper technology on MSDN. For example: if you have an existing application that you are adding the composite Application library to, you can instate the bootstrapping process after the application is already running.

In WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application, a startup Uniform Resource Identifier is specified in the app.xaml that launches the main window. In an application created with the Composite Application library, it is the Bootstrapper’s responsibility. This is because the shell depends on services that should be registered before the shell can be shown. Moreover, the shell may depend on other services that are infused into its constructor.

The Composite Application Library includes a default conceptual UnityBootstrapper class that handles this initialization utilizing the Unity container. Many of the strategies on the UnityBootstrapper class are virtual techniques. You should override these techniques as suitable in your own custom bootstrapper execution. If you are using a container other than Unity, you ought to compose your own container-specific bootstrapper.

Recently, while installing Microsoft office, we came around the issue of installation failure because of Bootstrapper technology. We received following error:

“Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working”

Causes:  An issue caused the program to stop working effectively. Windows will close this program and notify you if a solution is accessible.

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working

If you can see the error message “Microsoft setup Bootstrapper has stopped working”, Windows closes the program but it never advises anything after that to solve this issue and you have to fix the error by using the following steps:

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working

Before you commence, ensure the following pre-requisites being followed:

  1. Please use the DVD directly to install the office application. If there should be a case of ISO setup file, ensure to copy the ISO first onto the local system drive & than extract the file on the respective local system drive (C: / or D: / generally). It’s observed that 90% of the issues get determined at this stage itself.
  2. Note: Do not extract the file on external storage drive & run the setup file from it.
  3. Before installation, temporarily disable the real-time scanning feature of your antivirus program or firewall application. You ought to disable the Windows Firewall to give the Office installation file run properly. After disabling, re-run the Office 2013 installation file. This time there will be no error message i.e. Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working.
  4. Ensure the following services are running in services console (Start > Run > Services. MSc)

(i). Print Spooler

(ii).     Task Scheduler & particular condition.

  1. Create a System Restore point before trying the below mentioned solution.
  2. Ensure internet connection to the system as you may need to download few Microsoft utility at different stages.
  3. Take backup of contacts, outlook etc. as older version of office suite would need uninstallation & to avoid any data loss.

Before you started, create a System Restore point before trying this solution for the error Microsoft setup bootstrapper has stopped working. Since making errors in control of registry could result in messing up of your system. It’s so important to uninstall completely your office installation. Follow the following steps, for resolve the error Microsoft setup bootstrapper has stopped working, and see if it helps.

Step 1: Use the Microsoft Fixit tool to remove the older version of Office installed on the computer from the following article.

Note: In case you are using a 64-bit operating system, save the fixit tool on the system and then run it from the saved location.

Ensure you have the disc/download link and the product key to re-install Office.

Step 2:  Run the automated troubleshooter from the following article to remove all traces of the new Office installed on the system.

Once the uninstallation is complete reboot the system

Note: If you are using a 64-bit operating system, save the fixit tool on the system and then run it from the saved location.

Step 3: Press Windows Key + R combination, Type put “Regedit” in Run dialog box and Enter to open the registry Editor.

Step 4: In the left Pane, navigate here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags

Step 5:  At this registry location, right click over AppCompatFlags key and select Export. Save this key as registration file at a helpful location on your system for backup purpose. Now right click the same key i.e. AppCompatFlags and select Delete.

You can now close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine. After restarting the system, you can retry to install Microsoft office. Don’t worry in case you are not able to delete the AppCompatFlags folder. Just follow the following steps:

Step 6: Boot the system in clean Boot and then try to install the Microsoft office program and check the following things:

Clean boot is performed to disable all startup programs and the third party services on the machine and check if they are conflicting with the Office installation.

Restart the computer in Windows Clean Boot and then try to install Microsoft office program.

Note: Ensure to restart the system back to Normal mode after install the Microsoft office program in clean boot.

Install Microsoft office in Clean Boot

In Windows, there are so many application and services start automatically when start Windows with normal startup. All these applications and services are running on background. Also many of installed programs, antivirus and other programs run on background. In clean Boot, all background applications and services are disabled and there is no application, services, utilities run on background. So, it’s called “Clean Boot”.

Clean Boot Performance in Windows 8

Step 1: First of all, Open Search and type msconfig then open it.

office setup

Step 2: Now Click on Service Tab.

Step 3: On the services Tab, Now click on Hide all Microsoft services to select all services, and then click on Disable all. Disable all services.

fix Microsoft office bootstrapper error

Step 4: Now click on the Startup tab and then click on Task Manager.


Step 5: Now click on the Startup Tab in Task Manager, select one by one and disable all applications. Now close Task Manager.

Step 6: In System Configuration, click on Ok and Restart your computer.

Conclusion: This article shows you how to solve the Error Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working.

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