Fix “Microsoft Office Cannot Verify License” Error

Are you frequently receiving errors when you start a Microsoft Office 2016, Office 2010 or Office 2013 application, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your system or device?  Does it the error related to product verification? If yes, then continue reading to troubleshoot this error manually with the easy steps.

Many a time users receive the error stating “Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this product.” The app instantly asks you to repair the Office program by using Control Panel or by visiting  If this is an error reported by you as well we recommend following the steps below.

What Causes this Error?

Users generally face this verification error because of time settings or if their Office application is running in compatibility mode for a different operating system.  Fixing this is not a difficult task. You just need to follow some steps mentioned below.

How to Fix the License Verify Error Manually?

Given below are the possible reasons why your Office is displaying verification errors. Follow these steps accordingly and check if it resolves the issue. You can always contact Office tech Support if you are facing problem in any of the steps.

Step 1 – Change Time & Reactivate


If you are facing this error on your installed Office 2010 software, we recommend you to set the system time back to the date of the original install of Office 2010. After that you should follow Activating the Office 2010 with the same product key. After you follow this, change the time back to the current date.

  • Go to Control Panel >Program & Features
  • Now click on Microsoft Office 2010 and click on the Change button.
  • Tick the radio button next to “Enter Product Key” and click Next.
  • Enter your product key for Office 2010

After you finish the steps, you can launch any program in Office and do the activation with your existing product key. At this point, if it activated successfully, you can change the time back to the current date and time.  Not Office 2010? Visit 2016 or call toll free on +1-855-441-4419 to connect with one of our technician for instant support.

Step 2- System Restore

If Office 2010 was working fine and the verification problem started all of a sudden, you can try a system restore.

  • Click on Start and typing in system restore.
  • Now, try to restore the computer to a time earlier when your Office 2010 was working without any issues.

Step 3 – Office Software Protection Platform

Office 2010 come up with Office Software Protection Platform can sometime ask you to reactivate your Office. To fix this, you should follow these steps:

  • Type in services.msc in the search box above and stop the service called Office Software Protection Platform.
  • Now go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform and rename tokens.dat to tokens.old.
  • Now go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\Cache and rename cache.dat to cache.old.
  • Now restart the computer and open any Office program.

You will further be required to retype your product key and then restart again.

Step 4 – Try Uninstall & Reinstall Your Office

If even after following above steps, your issue is not resolved, you may need to perform a full uninstall and reinstall and then reactivate your Office.

  • You can uninstall using the Control Panel
  • You can also download Uninstall toll ‘FixIT tool’ or ‘CCleaner’ from web to clear out any left-behind registry entries after the uninstall.

Troubleshoot License Verify issues with MS Office Helpline Support

If you still can’t verify your MS Office license, then we recommend you to call on our MS Office Helpline Numbers available for USA, UK/Canada & Australia. Our well versed certified technicians are capable to solve every issue related to My Account, Setup/installation, Product Activation & Configuration.

Just note down our MS Office toll free numbers- +1-855-441-4419 (USA), +44-800-046-5700 (UK/Canada) and +61-1800-769-903 (Australia).


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